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  • Dynasty Assurance Limited ("DAL") is authorized and regulated by the Insurance Commission of The Bahamas ( “ICB” at The ICB is responsible for the supervision of the insurance sector in The Bahamas and is a member of the International Association of the Insurance Supervisors ( The ICB monitors DAL’s solvency and performs regular on-site inspections.

  • As authorized and licensed External Insurer, governed by the provisions of the 2009 External Insurance Act, DAL is regulated by and under the supervision of the Insurance Commission of The Bahamas.

  • The Bahamas offers a strong statutory protection regime with modernized laws and regulation. As a licensed insurer, DAL must appoint external auditors for the audit of its financial statements.

  • In addition, DAL employs an independent leading reinsurer and underwriting expertise for rigorous monitoring on mortality risk.

  • DAL does not provide any investment, legal or tax advice and cannot accept any responsibility or liability for the taxation implications for any Policyholder in any jurisdiction.

  • DAL is not subject to the same regulatory systems that may be applied on the Policyholder from owns jurisdiction, rules and regulations, which the Policyholder is familiar with, may not apply in connection with DAL’s policies.

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