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You’re in good hands!

Product Features


Single premium caters your financial position ahead
  • Simplified underwriting procedures for next application if the previous one with
    KYC fulfilled within 12 months;

  • A range of award winning funds from various renowned institutions to select from; and

  • Either managed by the client himself or through the use of professional advisory
    option for better control of wealth accumulation.


Premium Type – Single Premium

Chamberlain accepts SINGLE PREMIUM in US Dollar (“USD”) only. The minimum amount at current level starts from USD500,000 to the maximum of USD10,000,000 per life insured. 

Partial Withdrawal

  • the minimum partial withdrawal amount is currently USD5,000 per withdrawal; and

  • the remaining Policy Value immediately after the partial withdrawal should not be
    less than Minimum Policy Value which currently is USD100,000.

Select your own investment mix

Investment Options

Chamberlain gives you:

  • a choice of different investment options across various financial instruments and
    sectors in global markets. It allows you to diversify your investment while balancing
    the risk of your investment portfolio.

  • the flexibility to change your investment portfolio by switching between investment
    options after policy issuance. 

Protect your loved ones

Death Benefit

Chamberlain provides a death benefit if the death of the insured occurs while
the policy is in effect. It is equal to:

(i)  105% of the Policy Value; or

(ii)  the amount of single premium that you have paid under the policy less the
      aggregate amount of all partial withdrawals made by you, whichever is higher.


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